Everything for children – it was this simple phrase that brought brand Sergio to life.

Back in 2009, as our son Serhiy was born, our family faced the need for procuring clean, unprocessed dried fruits to make compotes following recommendation of our pediatrician.

This prompted me to pay attention to the fact that dried fruits in Kyiv as well as other cities of Ukraine were sold mainly at marketplaces by the old ladies who'd put them on retail offer measured by glassfuls, or one could make a bulk purchase of fruits in big-bags, which implied products imported mostly from Uzbekistan... The quality and appearance of the dried fruits were just horrifying. Therefore, search for high-quality dried fruits became a real problem, faced not only by us but also by many other parents.

It was then that we had the idea of setting up production of clean, unprocessed dried berries and fruits in Ukraine, that would not need washing and could be immediately consumed – not only for making compotes, but also as a tasty snack!

In 2010, following a thorough consideration of all the aspects my husband and I founded a company named Sergio after our son, and thus started manufacturing TM SERGIO products.

Our mission

Today we see our mission in producing truly high-quality and natural Ukrainian products for you, whereby using the technology allowing to preserve all the minerals without adding preservatives, fat or sugar.

That is why we are proud to present to you the best Ukrainian dried fruits, berries, dried vegetables, fruit snacks and delicacies, that offer the pleasure of great flavour, while protecting, healing and filling every day in the lives of our families with happy and bright colours!

Production technology of dried fruits and fruit snacks

Upon researching virtually all the existing drying technologies, we opted for the technology using infrared radiation.

This technology allows for a drying process at a low temperature (40-60°C), which ensures almost complete preservation of vitamins, bioactive substances, natural colour, taste and aroma of the products dried.

As compared with convection drying, after their reconstitution the fruits, berries and vegetables subjected to infrared drying preserve gustatory qualities to the maximum resembling those of the respective fresh fruits and vegetables.

The product resulting from infrared drying does not require any special storage conditions, while being resistant to development of microflora. During one year, the products can be stored without special packaging (in low humidity environment), whereas the loss of vitamins would not exceed 5-15%. If placed in sealed containers, the product can be stored for up to two years.

While preparing raw materials we do not use sulphur dioxide, citric acid or sweeteners. Exactly this is the main technological advantage of manufacturing all the TM SERGIO products. Only fruits and nothing in excess is the effective motto of our company!

You are welcome to buy ТМ SERGIO and FrukFetta fruits, berries, dried fruits, fruit snacks and delicacies at the best price at FRUTALINA online store or at stores in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine.

Our contacts


Actual address:
42/1, Chkalova street, settlement of Nemishaieve, Kyiv region, 07853.
Legal address:
7/14, Akademika Bohomoltsia street, НП 206 А, Kyiv, 01024.

Tel.: +380 44 353 24 28

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